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US Watermaker - Reverse Osmosis Watermakers

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker installed on an OSV.

US Watermaker

US Watermaker is a manufacturer of robust heavy-duty Reverse Osmosis Watermakers (RO) for use on Workboats, OSVs, Ships, Jackups and other Offshore Platforms. 

Workboat Models

Frame mounted semi-modular or modular unit designed for all vessels 

500 - 4000 GPD

Commercial MODELS

Largest line of reverse osmosis watermakers designed for jackups, platforms, ships, processing ships and coastal resorts. Automatic flush included 

5000 - 26000 GPD +

Engineered Packages

We can design and build a Reverse Osmosis Watermaker to your engineered specifications

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Download the US Watermaker Literature

From 500 - 26,000 GPD + we have Reverse Osmosis Watermaker (RO) for your different requirements.  We can also quote to your Engineered Requirements.

USW Workboat 3 Series (pdf)


USW Worboat 5 Series (pdf)


USW Workboat Skid Mount (pdf)


US Watermaker Offshore Watermaker (pdf)