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Clean oil is a necessity.  With a GreenOil System downtime and repairs may be reduced and the lifetime prolonged by 5-10 times for hydrauylic systems and 4-8 times for lube oil systems.  Improved filtration is vital to reducing costs, repairs and downtime.

Effectively removes particles from oil

Oil replacement does not remedy particle contamination fully.  Initially residues and silt are present but with an offfline filter they are removed over time.

The filtration process in a GreenOil filter does not affect the additives or change the properties of the oil.  Removing particles and water improves the quality of the oil.  

Removes free, emulsified and bound water

Oil systems require a dry oil for a long service life.  Condensed water builds up in oil systems that are not constantly operating.  Water ingress or contamination is a constant source of unnecesary oil changes, corrosion and break downs.

The patented GreenOil water separator does not use any service parts and the power consumption is extremely low.  The oil is not stressed by direct heating and water separation is a continuous process.  The system operates with heated air.

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